Why Taster Space?

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The Taster Space Directive

Beyond mere sustenance, food brings joy, wonder, and beauty to our lives. Taster Space fosters a positive connection with your meals, aiming to inspire a genuine love for the food you eat.

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The Science Behind Taster Space

Taster Space encourages a greater acceptance of foods using two evidence-based behavioral strategies:

Repetitive Exposure: Repeated positive experiences with food can enhance children's willingness and preference for diverse foods.

Sensory-Based Food Education: Engaging in sensory food education through play captures children's curiosity, offering them the chance to explore and discover new flavors.

Your Future with Food

Participating in Taster Space promises not only fun-filled moments but also valuable experiences that will nurture and strengthen your family's relationship with food.

Through engaging activities and exploration, this program is designed to make the journey of discovering and appreciating nutritious foods an enjoyable and lasting adventure for your entire family.

This program is supported by the Paso del Norte Health Foundation.

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Embark on a Stellar Journey to Better Nutrition