Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Taster Space?

Taster Space is a 12-week food exploration program with nine food specific recipes and craft projects to guide your family through the food frontier. Participating in Taster Space promises not only fun-filled moments but also valuable experiences that will nurture and strengthen your family's relationship with food.

What is the Taster Space Pamphlet and Booklet?

The Taster Space Pamphlet gives you fun facts of the highlighted produce and instructions for that produce item's recipe and craft. The Activity Booklet has Table Talk prompts (mealtime conversation starters), coloring pages, puzzles, games, and other fun activity pages for your child to enjoy.

Who is Taster Space for?

Taster Space is designed to unlock new experiences with food from your own kitchen for children ages 5 - 11 years.

What is the duration of Taster Space?

Taster Space is a 3-month program with nine food specific recipes and craft projects, highlighting carrots, apples, bell peppers, berries, broccoli, herbs, citrus, avocados, and bananas.

Are supplies and materials included?

Supplies and materials for craft projects will be included in the Taster Space program. Recipe ingredients are not supplied.

How much does Taster Space cost?

Taster Space is provided through a Pay-What-You-Can sliding scale payment model to support our goal to ensure that everyone in the community has fair and equal access to this program. You can see more info here:

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Who developed Taster Space?

Taster Space was developed through a partnership between Desert Spoon Food Hub and Paso del Norte Health Foundation Healthy Eating Initiative.

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