Let's be Taste Buds!

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Explore the Food Frontier

Take a journey through Taster Space with fun food exploration, hands-on activities, and kid-friendly recipes.

Through these engaging activities, our program turns the discovery and appreciation of nutritious foods into a fun and lasting family adventure.

Taster Space is designed to unlock new experiences with food from your own kitchen for children ages 5 - 11 years.

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explore food frontier

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Discover Interstellar Ingredients

In Taster Space, you will receive:

  • Taster Space Pamphlets: craft projects and recipes
  • Activity Booklets: grocery store scavenger hunts, Table Talk conversation starters, and engaging worksheets.
  • Craft Supplies: materials needed to complete craft project

Meet the Taster Space Crew

Embark on a delightful journey with Astro Billie & Taste Bud as they guide participants in an engaging exploration of their relationship with food, all while ensuring a fun-filled experience!

As part of this program, participants gain exclusive access to a comprehensive library of instructional videos and supplementary educational resources.

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Embark on a Stellar Journey to Better Nutrition